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27th Jul, 2009


Bruno Pelletier

Дорогие читатели и гости журнала! Приглашаем всех желающих 7 августа, в пятницу, присоединиться к концептуальным и ставшим традиционными для этого дня Большим Брюнетским Гуляниям по центру Москвы.

В программе этого дня, 47 лет назад ставшего днем рождения некоего квебекского певца, у москвичей значится просмотр лицензионного DVD "Bruno Pelltier et le Groszorchestre" (запись джазового концерта в Монреале, 2007 год) в кинотеатре "Мир Искусства", прогулка по центру столицы в рекламно-концертных футболках или цивильной одежде (все, все по желанию) с воздушными шарами в виде квебекских флагов в руках и раздачей рекламных флаеров с приглашением на концерт.
Приглашаются все желающие - брюнетки, франкофоны и франкофилы, друзья последних и просто сочувствующие. Со своей стороны гарантируем вполне приличное поведение, но веселую жизнерадостную атмосферу, так что стыдно рядом с нами абсолютно точно не будет ;)

Но это еще не все! 8 августа, в субботу, состоится рекламный велопробег с целью привлечения внимания прессы к московским концертам Брюно Пельтье. К участию также приглашаются все желающие!

Более подробная информация о мероприятиях по ссылке: http://mishonet.livejournal.com/616258.html

7th Feb, 2009



I can't have a regular dairy...
I'm always out-doors, or better to say, out-home.
Even in winter.
Even when it's -20.
Is it normal???

4th Jan, 2009


My music

Here is little song I've written yesterday. I'm interested in your opinions!

It's called French Soldier.
And I didn't expect that I can write such music.
Listen, pleeeeease....

It is the only song on this page: vkontakte.ru/audio.php

3rd Jan, 2009



Nice. Very nice.

Internet-test "Your French level"

Vous avez
27 réponses correctes de 50.
Votre niveau est «Intermédiaire»

Excellent! Encore un peu et vous aurez du success!

«Intermédiaire»... as far as I remeber it's level number 3 =) That's ok but my group is going to pass 2 level exam in May!
I didn't expect that I know French=)

*but now I have to practise my English. It became worse...*

30th Dec, 2008


Writer's Block: Beyond Our Ken

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you've probably experienced something that you couldn't explain. What was it?
Yes!! It sounds VEEEEEEEERY strange but.....
I usually meet paranormal things from my childhood. First it was only some spirits, then I started predicting the future with the help of the Taro carts, then I met some REALLY BAD enrgy. Now I alwayslive in some other world. Now I work with energy myself and I can explain everything happened with me. It's part of my life. Yes:)

If you're interested,  I will tell you more:)

But, omg, do you believe in such things??



Tonight and tomorrow morning there will be too much people so I will write it now

Be heathy, successful and happy! And don't forget tell your nearest and dearest how much you love them!:)

21st Dec, 2008


I adore people!=)

It's true, there are so nice!=))

This morning one girl asked me to write her a transcription of French text in Russian letters!
I've done it but... well, it seems to be strange if she's going speaking French in this way...

Today it's satuday and there is a great snow!! There was no snow until december! But now... I can't help admiring this snow - shining and cool! I'm so happy now that there is snow before the New Year!!

So, today I have a course in a theatre and then I'll go shopping!=))

Good day, everyone!=)

Yes, snooooow!!=)))

12th Dec, 2008


Alors, bonsoir!

I am Ksu (full name is Ksenia), I am from Russia and it would be interesting for me to correspond with people from another countries.
I study French, English and Japaneese langauges, play the guitar, the violin and the piano. Also sometimes I compose some poems or music plays.
Well... I told you about myself in-brief... So, if it seems to be interesting for you, hope, will be friends very soon!

So, have a good evening!=))

PS Excuse me for some language mistake, English (as well as French) isn't my native language, so, I hope, you will pardon it :)